Ihr Beitrag für den Veranstaltungskalender - bitte hier hinzufügen!

Ihr seid Veranstalter von einem Konzert, einer Ausstellung oder Lesung? Dann fügt euren Anlass direkt hier über den Event Manager hinzu - und schon weiss jeder Bescheid, was wann in der Region los ist.

We don’t need to put on a big show about our events – after all, we have a city theatre and the biggest stand-up festival in Switzerland! We’ll only “fool” around with you at carnival (Fasnacht). You might find yourself going in circles on the big wheel at the third-largest Swiss fairground, but not otherwise.
Dancing and jazz are all part of it. In November we are inundated with books. We like to measure ourselves against others in sports, too. In the middle of the town you could find yourself in the midst of a beach event. And listen: where’s the most idyllically situated open-air festival? We just never stop entertaining you. 

Delight in the revelry!